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21 November, 2023
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Registrar & Deputy Ceo

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OrganisationJamaica Teaching CouncilReferenceVAC-47438Contract TypeFull-TimeIndustriesManagementLocationKingstonSalary & Benefits Date Posted20/11/2023Expiry Date01/12/2023Reporting to the CEO, the Registrar oversees the Licensing and Registration Division, ensuring compliance with regulations and driving objectives in ethics and standards for the teaching profession.



Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Registrar and Deputy Chief Executive Officer is responsible for planning, overseeing, and directing the work of the Licensing and Registration Division and ensuring observance of relevant rules, regulations, standards, and legislation, to achieve established objectives and targets. Areas of responsibility include the development, implementation, and enforcement of a code of ethics and standards for the Jamaican teaching profession; the establishment and operation of a registry for practitioners who meet the standards and code of ethics; and technical support to the information management services of the organization. 



  • Operational plan and budget prepared 
  • Licensing and re-licensing criteria, standards and procedures established Standards developed for teacher training programmes and institutions 
  • Appraisal for teachers developed and monitored 
  • Code of Professional Conduct developed 
  • Register established for teachers practicing in Jamaica 
  • Systems developed to enable registration and licensing of teachers 
  • Licences approved/denied/revoked/suspended 
  • Teacher compliance with registration and licensing 
  • Compliance structure developed 
  • National performance evaluation system maintained 
  • Goods and services contracts issued 




  • 1. Participates in the development of the Strategic plan for the JTC. 
  • 2. Manages the work of the Licensing and Development Division to ensure its effective functioning by: 
    • developing objectives, targets and work programmes 
    • developing operational policies and procedures 
    • assigning/delegating duties to staff and directing, monitoring and guiding their activities 
    • preparing the Division’s operational plan and budget and approving and controlling expenditure 
  • 3. Represents the JTC/Ministry of Education at local and international conferences and other fora as required. 
  • 4. Prepares and submits to the Chief Executive Officer, reports on the work of the Division as well as other specialist reports upon request 
  • 5. Performs duties as assigned in the capacity of Deputy Chief Executive Officer 


  • Leads the development and application of standards for teaching, teacher training, and teacher training programmes and institutions
  • Monitors and evaluates the implementation of a code of ethics for the initial and in service training of teachers and principals 
  • Reviews continually, in conjunction with the Joint Board of Teacher Education (JBTE) and the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), programmes which accredit educational personnel for various tiers of licensing, to ensure conformity to international, regional and local standards, consistency across training institutions, and continued relevance 
  • Examines and approves, where possible, routes through which teachers may acquire licensing competencies 
  • Monitors and maintains national teacher and principal appraisal schemes; reviews and updates the schemes in collaboration with the Department of School Services (DSS) and other key educational stakeholders and in keeping with the Ministry’s established performance management framework 
  • Ensures that all required facilities, resources and systems are mobilized and available to facilitate the licensing and registration of teaching professionals 
  • Oversees and guides the establishment and implementation of licensing and re licensing criteria, policies, procedures and standards for all types of licenses. 
  • Makes the final judgement on acceptance or rejection of licensing/registration applications for any category of teachers; accordingly, review and sign-off on all licensing and registration decisions of subordinate staff 
  • Reviews and approves or denies complex licensing/registration applications
  • Oversees the establishment, maintenance, and publication of the Teachers Register 
  • Considers individual cases and where justified, revokes or suspends licenses for breaches of registration/licensing rules and regulations 
  • Implements the rulings of the Appeals Tribunal in regard to cases involving suspended, revoked or denied licenses or registration 
  • Develops and assures a compliance structure for licensing and registration
  • Reviews cases of non-compliance and develops and implements measures to bring teachers/educational institutions in line with licensing and registration rules and regulations 
  • Verifies and signs licenses (certificates) and ensures their timely distribution.
  • Oversees and monitors compliance with registration and licensing 
  • Ensures the efficient management of the information systems of the organization to meet the needs of the organization. 
  • In relationship to regulatory services, establishes and maintains strong partnerships with school boards, the Joint Board of Teacher Education, principals’ and teachers’ associations and agencies in the educational sector 
  • Recommends, to relevant authorities or stakeholders, policies that will improve the teaching profession 
  • Issues, monitors, and evaluates contracts with goods and services providers 

Human Resources Management 

  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of supervisees and recommends/initiates corrective action where necessary to improve performance and attain the Council’s goals 
  • Recommends staff promotion, transfer, termination and leave benefits in accordance with the prevailing human resource policies and procedures 
  • Provides leadership and guidance to supervisees through effective communication, training, and coaching 
  • Ensures that the welfare and developmental needs of the division’s staff are clearly identified and addressed 
  • Promotes a culture of teamwork 
  • Conducts monthly staff meetings 


  • Performs other related functions assigned from time to time by the Chief Executive Officer.




  • Information Management Section 
  • Financial Management Division 
  • Teachers Services & Board Secretariat 
  • Director, Corporate Services 


  • University Council of Jamaica 
  • Teachers 
  • Schools 
  • Joint Board of Teacher Education 
  • Principal and Teacher Associations 
  • Educational Agencies 
  • School Boards 
  • Providers of Goods and Services 
  • REAs 
  • Appeals Tribunal 
  • National College for Educational Leadership 



  • Objectives and targets for the Licensing and Registration Division are achieved
  • A Register of all licensed/registered educators in the island established and maintained
  • Code of Professional Conduct developed, disseminated and enforced
  • Standards and procedures for the licensing/ re-licensing of teachers developed and maintained 
  • Sound advice given on and/or contributes to policy formulation 
  • All qualified teachers are licensed to operate in schools 
  • The National Performance Evaluation System is operating effectively throughout the system 
  • Contracts are effectively monitored 
  • Reports on the performance of the Division are comprehensive, accurate and submitted within the agreed timeframe 
  • High level of customer satisfaction is evident 
  • Percentage of teacher compliance



  • Sound knowledge of Standards Setting Techniques 
  • Excellent IT skills 
  • Sound knowledge of the policies and procedures governing the registration, licensing and re-licensing of teachers 
  • Sound knowledge of licensing/registration rules, regulations and standards set by international, regional and local bodies 
  • Knowledge of training programme development and implementation 
  • Knowledge of the following Acts and Regulations: 
    • the Education Act, 
    • the Education Regulations 1980, 
    • the Access to Information Act, 
    • the Ministry of Education’s policies, rules and regulations 
  • Sound knowledge of the principles and practices of management 
  • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite 
  • Excellent report writing skills 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Excellent inter-personal skills 
  • Excellent planning, organizing and negotiating skills 



  • Masters Degree in Education or equivalent qualifications 
  • Eight (10) years related working experience, three (5) of which should be at a managerial level 
  • Training in standards setting techniques 



  • Normal office environment 
  • Required to travel island wide and overseas to attend meetings, conferences and seminars
  • Possession of a valid Drivers’ License and a reliable motor vehicle



  • To recommend changes to the Division’s operating systems and procedures
  • To approve or revoke/suspend the registration and licensing of teachers after due process
  • To recommend and or approve expenditure within assigned limits and budgetary control
  • To approve requisitions for goods and services in accordance with the government of Jamaica’s Procurement Guidelines 
  • To recommend staff movement and disciplinary action in accordance with established human resource management policies and procedures 
  • To approve leave benefits 
  • To sign documents and correspondence on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer
  • To appraise the performance of staff supervised



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