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18 September, 2023
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Director 3, Public Procurement

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OrganisationMinistry of Finance & The Public ServiceReferenceVAC-46457Contract TypeFull-TimeIndustriesManagementLocationKingstonSalary & Benefits$4,594,306 € $6,178,830 per annumDate Posted17/09/2023Expiry Date04/10/2023The incumbent manages corporate planning, procurement, and technical responsibilities while overseeing high-value contracts and ensuring procurement compliance, and also handles human resource duties for the Ministry.



Under the direct supervision of the Deputy Financial Secretary, Corporate Planning and Administration, The Director 3- Public Procurement has the responsibility to ensure that goods and services required by the MDA are procured and delivered as requested in accordance with Government of Jamaica Public Procurement Act 2015 and Regulations. 


Key Responsibilities:


  • Contributes to the development of the Corporate Plan 
  • Develops the Ministry?s annual Procurement Plan and Budget
  • Prepares Branch?s operational plan and budget 
  • Provides advice to the DFS, Corporate Planning and Administration, other Financial Sectors, Directors and Managers on procurement policies and procedures and suppliers reliability/suitability and performance; 
  • Provides advice to other entities; 
  • Participates in the strategic and operational plans and work programmes; 
  • Determines procurement strategies and standards; 
  • Attends meetings of Procurement Committees; 
  • Attends meetings at the request of Unit Heads as it relates to intended procurement; 
  • Represents the Ministry at Conferences, Workshops and Seminars; 
  • Represents the Branch at Procurement and Contract Award Committees and Board meetings; 
  • Represents the Ministry at PPC Sector Committee, PPC, Cabinet Infrastructure Committee meetings; 
  • Represents the Ministry on works Sector Committees; 
  • Oversees the effective maintenance of procurement records;
  • Monitors and ensures that procurement practices conform to the FAA Act and Government Procurement Guidelines; 
  • Leads as purchasing agent on behalf of the MDA as well as local funded projects; 
  • Prepares/Reviews policies and procedures for ministries, departments and agencies; 
  • Evaluates the performances of the Procurement Process along with DFS, Corporate Planning and Administration, and Committee members;


  • Analyzes documents tendered by companies for the supply of goods and/or services in consultation with technical experts and prepares recommendations 
  • Acts as e-Procurement Coordinator and Lead Evaluator;
  • Liaises with Property Management to determine projects;
  • Conducts research and market analysis so as to minimize risks;
  • Coordinates and conducts procurement compliance reviews;
  • Coordinates and conducts procurement training, seminars/ workshops; 
  • Makes presentation to the Procurement Committee and prepares submission for the Financial Secretary, Government?s Contract Committee and the Cabinet; 
  • Coordinates reports for submission to MOF&PS, OCG, PPC and Cabinet: 
  • Ensures that tender documents are prepared in accordance with GOJ standards; 
  • Negotiates the terms and condition of proposed service contracts in order for the Ministry to receive value for money; 
  • Analyzes suppliers performance; 
  • Monitors the Ministry?s procurement activities to ensure conformity to the Procurement Plan; 
  • Oversees the contract award process; 
  • Oversees the tendering process; 
  • Chairs tender opening exercises conducted by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service; 
  • Reviews, assesses and analyzes requests and makes recommendations; 
  • Continuous assessment of market sphere to identify and recommend best practices in keeping with international standards; 
  • Conducts Ministry assessment re cost containment; 
  • Manages high value procurement (tier 3 up to 4 billion
  • Supervises tier 2 and tier 1 Procurement of up to 60 million and 30 million respectively; 
  • Prepares high level contracts; 
  • Prepares requests for variances/extension of contracts to the Financial Secretary, NCC, and Cabinet; 
  • Monitors and evaluates contractors? performances during project;
  • Reviews and approves contract awards and recommendations within the specified threshold; 
  • Assists other entities on Evaluation Committees; 
  • Reviews procedures for the procurement of works, goods and services carried out by the Ministry of Finance & PS, FID,RAD and RPD to include; review of bidding documents, posts and signs purchase orders ,certifies invoices, develops and reviews terms of references (TORs); 
  • Manages re-order levels of daily consumables; 
  • Certifies invoices for payments upon verification; 
  • Signs purchase orders on behalf of project units with the Ministry;
  • Assists other entities with procurement matters referred by the Financial Secretary; 
  • Prepares and collates OCG quarterly reports and other reports to MFP, PPC and Cabinet; 
  • Prepares and submits reports to the Integrity Commission as requested on contract monitoring of procurement related matters; 
  • Resolves issues regarding contract performance; 
  • Maintains relationships with supplier, resolve conflicts; 
  • Liaises with the Finance and Accounts Division to ensure that payments are made to suppliers in a timely manner and reconciliation of accounts;
  • Co-ordinates the purchasing of supplies for official functions organized by the Ministry; 
  • Acquires clearance letter from NIS , NHT and Tax Compliance Certificate from the Collector of Taxes for the Ministry; 
  • Ensures that funds are allocated to meet the expenditure for goods prior to placement of orders and ensures that the procurement practices conform to procurement guidelines of the FAA Act; 
  • Ensures requests for purchase orders zero rating is done in a timely manner; 
  • Ensures expenditure is kept within budgetary provision; 
  • Liaises with custom brokers to ensure that imported goods are cleared from wharves and airports in time and in accordance with established GOJ Regulations; 


  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of direct reports, prepares performance appraisals and recommend and /or corrective actions where necessary to improve performance and /or attaining established personal and/or Ministry?s goals; 
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Branch and recommends transfer, promotions, terminations and leave in accordance with established human resource policies and procedures; 
  • Provides leadership and guidance to the team through effective planning, delegation, communication, training, monitoring and coaching;
  • Ensures the welfare and development needs of skill in the Branch are clearly identified and addressed; 
  • Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to the ranch?s and Ministry?s goals; 
  • Maintains effective working relationships with external and internal stakeholders and ensure that the Branch provides a consistently high level of service to them. 
  • Any other related duties assigned as directed. 


Required Competencies

  • Sound knowledge of Government Public Procurement Act 2015 and Regulations 
  • Sound knowledge of Contract Management 
  • Sound knowledge of Supplies Management 
  • Knowledge of Project Management 
  • Knowledge of Budget Preparation 
  • Knowledge of Tender Management 
  • Sound knowledge of the FAA Act 
  • Proficiency in the relevant computer application software 
  • Leadership – Possess good leadership skills 
  • Teamwork – Ability to build and lead teams 
  • Planning and Organizing – Excellent planning and organization skills
  • Communication – Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Interpersonal Skills – Possesses excellent interpersonal skills
  • Integrity and Ethics – Demonstrate high integrity and ethics
  • People Management – Possess excellent people management skills
  • Problem Solving and negotiation – Possess good problem solving and negotiation skills 
  • Accountability – Is the accountable officer 


Qualification & Experience

  • B.Sc. in Management Studies, Business Administration/Public Administration, Public Sector Economics, Accounts or equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution; 
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNDP/CIPS Level 3 or INPRI Level 4 at MIND
  • Training in Project Management 
  • Five (5) years related work experience in procurement of goods and services 


  • ACCA Level 2; 
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNDP/CIPS Level 3 or INPRI Level 4 at MIND 
  • Five (5) years related work experience in procurement of goods and services




We thank all applicants for the interest expressed; however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Valid Till
18 Dec, 2023 (79 days left)

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