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19 September, 2023
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Asset and Inventory Officer

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OrganisationMinistry of Finance & The Public ServiceReferenceVAC-46461Contract TypeFull-TimeIndustriesLibrary & Records ManagementLocationKingstonSalary & Benefits$2,478,125 € $3,332,803 per annumDate Posted17/09/2023Expiry Date04/10/2023Under the general supervision of the Manager, Asset, Inventory and Utilities, the Asset and Inventory Officer is responsible for the maintenance of the Ministry?s assets and inventory documentary system.


Key Responsibilities:

Technical/Professional Responsibilities 

  • Assists in the modernization of the Inventory Control System of the Ministry; 
  • Conducts activities related to physical inventory counting and observation. Includes working with various departments to perform inventory observation, reconciling physical inventories and attaching identification tags or other identifying number to assets; 
  • Receives invoices and coordinates with the Procurement Branch to determine value for fixed assets; 
  • Reviews documentation and monitor product codes to search for discrepancies; 
  • Troubleshoot quantity discrepancies between stock and records; Receives and records new supplies as they are delivered; 
  • Maintains an inventory and registry of all assets, regularly providing updates on conditions of these assets and make recommendation accordingly; 
  • Prepares and maintains records to capture items for disposal or transferred from each Department for accurate reporting; 
  • Prepares Location Charts for each item of furniture, equipment and machinery and have same affixed to individual office; 
  • Responds to requests made by staff through the Office Services Help Desk; Prepares supplies based on requests and create delivery schedules accordingly; 
  • Manages re-order levels; place orders to replenish supplies avoiding insufficiencies or excessive surplus; 
  • Prepares and maintains an up to date inventory of the Motor Vehicle register; 
  • Collaborates with the Data Analyst to determine depreciation methods and useful levels of the fixed assets, maintains depreciation schedules with updates as needed; 
  • Monitors the movement of fixed assets throughout the Ministry;
  • Concentrates and distributes various reports needed to reconcile inventory records; 
  • Removes and dispose obsolete equipment and furniture; Maintains asset and inventory database to include transfers and cycle counts; 
  • Performs critical inventory tasks to ensure the accurate amount of items are in stock; 
  • Assists members of staff in clarifying any queries on their bills; Identifies and reports noticeable increases in telephone bills (CUG/land lines); 
  • Liaises with Accountant General?s Department and Finance and Accounts regarding the payment of utility bills; 
  • Prepares monthly reconciliation statements of payments made by Accountant General?s Department and the amount billed by the utility companies to ensure accuracy of payment; 
  • Prepares monthly cash flow; 
  • Prepares transmittals and commitment to the Finance and Accounts Division; 
  • Prepares monthly reports with evidenced based data; 
  • Provides day to day technical support to end users of utilities as the first point of contact; 
  • Supervises the recovery of the cost of utility services deemed to the government but was consumed for private purposes; 

Management/Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Develops Individual Work Plan based on alignment to the overall plan for the section and performance measures/standards; 
  • Participates in meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences as required; 
  • Prepares monthly reports on customer complaints, number of issues resolved, and other documents as required. 

Human Resources Responsibilities 

  • Contributes to and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to the Division?s and Ministry?s goals; 
  • Assists with the preparation and conducts presentations on the Orientation and Onboarding programme; 

Customer Service Responsibilities 

  • Maintains customer service principles, standards and measurements;
  •  Identifies and incorporates the interests and needs of customers in business process design;
  • Ensures critical success factors are identified and meets expectations;

Other Responsibilities 

  • Performs all other duties and functions as may be required from time to time. 


Required Competencies

  • Working knowledge of Government Accounting procedures
  • Sound knowledge of Asset and Inventory Management and System
  • Working knowledge of the policies and guidelines of the Ministry
  • Working knowledge of FAA Act 
  • Good knowledge of the Ministry standards and procedures
  • Demonstrates sound personal and professional integrity, reflecting high ethical and moral values 
  • Excellent interpersonal and team management skills 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills 
  • Strong customer relations skills 
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills 
  • Excellent judgment and decision making skills 
  • Ability to influence and motivate others 
  • Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications 



  • Bachelor?s Degree in Management Studies, Business Administration or a related discipline; 
  • Training in Asset and Inventory Management 
  • Two (2) years related experience in a similar environment



We thank all applicants for the interest expressed; however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Valid Till
19 Dec, 2023 (80 days left)

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