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If only I could give 0 stars.
My family and everyone in my area in Trinidad & Tobago, were recently affected by the massive flooding, not once, but twice. As a student doctor studying in the US, I tried to gather donations to help try to restore some normalcy to my neighbours and family. I called Laparkan to ship a barrel, having never done this before and was told that drop offs and pick-ups were only available on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I took time off from my job so that I could be at my apartment for to collect the barrel, but no one ever showed up. I called the company and was informed that they were simply not going to drop it off. And when I asked for some sort of compensation for my wasted time and lost work hours, I was told the best they could do is reschedule, so instead of missing 1 work day, I would now have to miss 2 (if they were even professional enough to get the drop off right on the 2nd attempt). The drop off was scheduled between 7am and 1pm. Throughout those 6 hours, no one even attempted to contact me despite having my number. If I could give 0 stars, I would. I would never recommend this business and anyone who knows of safe, reliable shipping to the Caribbean, I would love some recommendations, and would sure to share it.
The staff is so thief, they not even thief with conscience. Do not use them, you will regret it. Stop thieving what people work hard for, big turn off.