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One of a Kind Service
Transworld Shipping staff is very pleasant and helpful. They are fully informed of all the clearance processes and freely give their customers this information. Their door to door service is smooth and secure. Their strongest point is the Returning Resident service that they offer; they assist you with the entire process from start to finish from assisting with your documentation, accompanying you to the interview, arranging trucking or haulage to arranging your refund.
Professional Service
I send a container as returning resident to Transworld Service and Maxine along with my shipper was very helpful and informative. Once the shipper sent off the container and turn me over to the agent Transworld Service, Maxine was helpful with the tax office, trade board and customs advice and also help with transportation from the wharf to my home in rural Jamaica.
Good Reliable Service
I have been a customer of Transworld Shipping Service for about 7 years and use the full service (home delivery) for my elderly parents and the service is always excellent and prompt. My parents always compliment the Transworld Office and Delivery staff.
Lack of service
Our shipment came in on the 30Dec21 and it was kept at the wharf till the 27th Jan 21.
Maxine is unprofessional, rude and obnoxious. She does not offer a service, shes only interested in money,does not care about customer service and certainly does not return calls. One of our 6 pallets have still not been found and she has not taken any reposibilty to resolve the issue. I had to demand that we visited the wharf on friday the 5Th Feb 21 to confront her and we we able to find one item which she has denied seeing or having it at the warehouse. This is certainly NOT a company to deal with. Her company transworld should not be in operation as this gives Jamaica a bad name and discourage people from returning or sending things. Our case is ongoing as we will not allow her to get away with this. We will name and shame you Maxine and I will not stop till you find and return our belongings.
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This company needs to be struck off
I worked with Maxine and her staff and I think through my years of getting services this has been the best.

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