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Undelivered Package
Order a package over 3 weeks now and it's been on delay. I got a call asking for my TRN number and I gave the person and he said my package would arrive next day, now it's the 23rd of May and that was from 5th. I got the email address for and agent Diana and she reply to my email twice asking the same question about TRN. I send her both TRN and tracking number and all now I can't get any info about the where about of my package. None of the numbers provided works poor customer service man.
Re my husband’s passport.
My husband reapplied for his passport as his previous passport expired. DHL picked up the passport from kingston and was to deliver it at our home address and it was delivered somewhere else and signed for by J McIntosh and his name is O Mcintosh. He tried to contact them and they’re giving him the run around. He paid ******** for express and the service paid for was never complete. Why was it so hard for you to say who worked that day so they can take us to where it was delivered??? My husband’s identity can be stolen because his passport number name and everything is in that passport! I had to contact our lawyer because this is foolishness! Now he’s unable to do what he needs to do because of this!!! It is unfair! Find the perosn who worked that day and have them go back to where they said it was delivered to and signed for!